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Our Core Values

At JouwWeb we work asynchronously, with focus and we love smart solutions.

At JouwWeb we have a lot of freedom in how we work. We do things our way. This is possible because we are a bootstrapped company and thus privately owned.

Working at JouwWeb differs from other companies in many ways and has proven to be successful:

  • We mainly work a-synchronically: This helps us work more focused and gives us the opportunity to reply to a question (of both colleagues ánd customers)  when it suits us and minimize interruptions.

  • To be able to stay focused throughout the day we introduced 3 breaks in which we play soccer table, chat or make ourselves a nice latte macchiato. 

  • We try to keep our company and way of working as simple and lean as possible. This means we have very few meetings and we always look for smart solutions to make our lives easier. 

  • In order to improve, we are open to ideas from anyone. We really encourage our employees to share their ideas and like to work in a smart way. 

  • And although we listen to our customers, they cannot tell us what to do. We will make improvements when we think they are necessary or valuable for our product and client base.

  • We improve incrementally what is of ongoing value with help of lots of experiments. If the data tells us the experiment was successful, we will leave it like that. If not, we will alter the experiment or change it back. Every quarter, the colleague who has best adheren to our core values gets rewarded! Are you next?

More about us

Do you want to find out more about us and our mission? Read all about it on our company website.